WAYNE Breast Cancer Fatalities Among African American & Causian Women

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This paper will explore differences in breast cancer related issues and fatalities among African American women (Aaw), in comparison to Caucasian women (Cw).It will examine perceived barriers related to breast cancer awareness and prevention, on the part of Aaw. The purpose of this exploration is to determine practical solutions to mitigate such barriers, with the hopes of decreasing the amount of breast cancer related fatalities within the Aaw population.

Breast cancer is a concern globally because of the associated deaths and morbidities. It is also a public health issue in the United States through some races are more affected than others. Aaw experience lower survival rates then Cw despite Cw having a much higher incidence of the disease (Samson et al.2015). While breast cancer is not a discriminatory disease and can impact all genders, races and backgrounds, research suggests Aaw are dying at a high rate. According to the American College of Radiology and the Society of Breast Imaging Aaw should be added to groups considered at high risk. This is the first-time Aaw have been classified as a high-risk group (Journal of the American College of Radiology, 2018). With such a damning realization, it begs the question ‘why”? Why Aaw’s health is so different form Cw.What, if anything, can be done to change the narrative? While it is virtually impossible to formulate an answer for every scenario, it is important to examine some general themes, to formulate realistic solutions.

After extensive research, evidence revealed these inequalities are complex reflecting social and economic disparities along with biological differences (DeSantis at el. 2016). There are several causes for such disparities to include education, family history, lack of preventative measures, access to quality healthcare, knowledge deficit regarding the disease and fear of cancer. In addition to discussing the causes for these disparities, the causes of death associated with breast cancer in Aaw will be addressed. The intention is to examine each of the topics and how health care professionals can work diligently to combat tragic related incidents.

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1.include education,

2. family history,

3.lack of preventative measures,

4.access to quality healthcare,

5. knowledge deficit regarding the disease and

6.fear of cancer.