week 10 assign

Assignment 3: Proposal Video Presentation (Disregard the video presentation. I just need info/notes from all the assignments, not discussions, so I can present to make my video). At least 5-10 minutes worth of info. Well at least 5 minutes. If you have any questions please please let me know. Thanks!!Due Week 10 and worth 250 pointsUsing the same scenario from Assignment 1, Supporting Documents, and Assignment 2, you have completed your proposal and are ready to present the information to the CEO and the organization’s decision-makers. Use a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, or traditional video recorder to record a five to ten (5-10) minute video in which you present the findings and recommendations of your full proposal.Note: If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you will need to email the video file to yourself, then save it to a computer in order to upload to Blackboard. You may want to upload your video to a file sharing service, such as Dropbox, if your email will not let you send a large video file. Dropbox is accessible from all smartphones and tablets from the Dropbox app.Tips to prepare for your video:Create note cardsPractice in front of a mirror and / or friendsReview materials thoroughlyBe persuasiveBe professionalBe creativeHave fun!