Week 10: Assignment 3: Cryptocurrency Analysi

For assignment 3, you will be performing a cryptocurrency analysis using the provided template and then recording your own Financial Insights Podcast Video. Begin by going to the cryptocurrency section of Yahoo Finance (link: https://finance.yahoo.com/u/yahoo-finance/watchlists/crypto-top-market-cap) Look over the overall cryptocurrency market performance and then choose 3 types of cryptocurrency that you would consider accepting as payment at your company. Using the provided template, you will list each of the 3 along with their symbol, price, and percentage change in price. Next, you will answer the following questions on the template: • If you had to limit it to accepting one type of cryptocurrency, would you choose to accept only stablecoins instead of one of the other types? Why or why not? • What impact would this choice have on your business (if any)? • Do you think most businesses will be accepting cryptocurrency in the future? • Would you consider investing in cryptocurrency? Why or why not?