Week 4: Lymarie Escalera (Team Lead), business and finance homework help

Week 4: Lymarie Escalera (Team Lead)

  • (50 words) Introduction (Lymarie)
  • (190 words) Identify OSHA regulations or standards applicable to each scenario(Lymarie)
  • (190 words) Describe how the 3 OSHA regulations for standards apply to your company and how they were violated (Lymarie)
  • (190 words) Describe ways to minimize the identified Safety Concerns. (Marilyn Marchbanks)
  • (190 words) Explain one or two Worker’ Compensation issues as identified by the applicable State laws that you will need to address for each of the individuals. (Patrick King Arizona)
  • (190 words) Describe ways to minimize the risk of employee injury to avoid future Workers’ Compensation claims (Marilyn Marchbanks)
  • (50 words) Conclusion (Patrick King)

*Do not forget the references, and the format must be APA.