Week 6 Discussion 1

  • Review all required readings, including the Weekly Briefing, which  provides additional guidance on how to complete the assignment.
  • Review your analysis of Trader Joe’s from Week 3 and review your original research on the company and industry.
  • Conduct additional research on the U.S. food retailing industry to  obtain some insights about future threats and opportunities in the  industry.
  • Identify and review all relevant readings from the Capstone Program Bibliography.

By Day 3

Post a polished Key Success Factor analysis that responds to each of the prompts below:

  1. Based on your projections for the implications of FUTURE  five-forces of competition, P.E.S.T. (general environment), and  stakeholder support (or stakeholder challenges), what essential  skills, competencies, and capabilities will be CRITICAL in order for  Trader Joe’s to survive or thrive in the future? Why? Support your evaluation with evidence and reasoning linked to appropriate knowledge.

    Note: These  critical areas may be the same as in the past, BUT they may not. Think  this through carefully and use your innovative and economic thinking  skills from prior courses. You must become futurists to be good  strategists, which means there IS some ambiguity about the bets you will  be making (that’s one of the responsibilities of senior leadership).

  2. Identify critical gaps in the skills, competencies, and  capabilities that Trader Joe’s currently has versus what you think they  will need in the future. Think about how Trader Joe’s can  bridge that gap. If Trader Joe’s were to hire you as consultant to  provide strategic direction in what specific skills, competencies, and  capabilities the company should invest in or acquire (and how), which  would you emphasize as critical and why?

APA format