Week 6 Discussion advance writing

Discussion Topic 1 – Making a Writing Project ManageableAs stated in chapter 5.3 of our textbook, the author recommends that to make a writing project manageable: 1) narrow your topic, 2) focus on key points, 3) plan your investigation for information, and 4) stay organized as you go along.Review and Write: Choose one of these three broad topics and following the guidelines above write two substantive paragraphs on how you would follow the guidelines above to write an informative or analytical report.  Consider including a brief outline to demonstrate how you would narrow the topic and focus on the key points.Childhood Obesity in AmericaSchool Safety in our Country (or safety in other public areas)The Aging Infrastructures in the Country (i.e., roads/bridges, water/sewer systems, electrical/power grids across the US).Actions for Week 6 – Topic 2Unlocked: Sunday, February 14, 2016 12:01 AM EST – Sunday, February 21, 2016 11:59 PM EST.Discussion Topic 2 – Preparing a PowerPoint PresentationReview and Write:  After reading the blog by Jamie Cartright on PowerPoint design, choose a topic of your choice and prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (about five or six slides) and submit it to the discussion thread as an attachment.  You may briefly describe the content in your discussion post.  Focus on including more graphical elements than you might normally have in a presentation.  Include new and creative elements in your slides.  Include more graphic elements than you probably would include in a typical presentation.  The purpose is for you to learn how to use more features in PowerPoint than you currently (probably) know how to do.  There should be very little text on your slides.  This exercise will give you excellent practice for preparing a PowerPoint in your job.  Write a very brief description in your discussion post, and attach and upload your PowerPoint presentation.Discussion Topic 3 – Frequently Confused WordsReview and Write: There are many words in the English language that are confused because they sound either exactly the same or similar to each other, but have very different meanings.Review the list of 30 pairs of words below. Match the meaning with the correct word for 20 word pairs.  Then, choose 10 pairs of words and write a sentence using the word.  You may choose to create a new table in the discussion thread or find an easier way to answer this post.Here is the first example:  Personal = private; personnel = employees.  I received a letter marked “personal and confidential.” There are many personnel in our company based in the Midwest.AcceptTo quotePeaceIfExceptTo set asidePieceWeaponsBornIndicates possessionTheirEmbankmentBorneTo be differentTherePrivateLeveeEventsCouncilA foot leverLevyContracted form of it isCounselGeneral rulePedalInhabitantsCiteTaxpeddleFrequencySitehomePersonnelTo go well withOrdinanceAdvice; a lawyerPersonalA swell of water; a gestureOrdnanceCarriedComplementSum of money; head of a schoolWho’sSense of well-beingComplimentThe resultWhoseBelonging to themItsExpression of esteem; to flatterPrincipalThin, steepIt’sPossessive form of whoPrincipleExcessively; alsoPersecuteA feeling that something is the caseWeatherTo planprosecuteGive birth toWhetherA government buildingIncidencePaper for writingMoralLawIncidentsIn that placeMoraleContraction of “who is” or “who has”WaiveAtmospheric conditionsStationeryLocationWaveImmovableStationaryVirtuous; a lessonRoleMoney; chief cityToTo takeRollTo sue or take legal action againstTooTo cutCapitalLack of conflictShearA part in a playCapitolTo put off until laterSheerA fragmentScentsTo tumble; a listDeferA prepositionSenseA panel of peopleDifferTo excludeDieTo influenceAffectA mechanismDyeTo sellEffectA distinctive smellDeviceTo stop living; a toolResidenceTo colorDeviseTo tormentResidentsEmployees