Week 8 Nestlé: The Infant Formula Controversy Case Study

Follow case study writing guide.

A GOOD paper will typically run from a low of around 12 pages to a high of 16 or so with proper organization and citations.

please see attached case study and HBS- 6 Chapter Style- Paper has to be in this format, do not answer the questions on the casestudy but follow the attached Guide.

Step 1= an analysis of the entire situation. This includes a SWOT analysis

Step 2 = identification of the core marketing problem as YOU see it.

Step 3 = analysis the internal and external environmental forces that caused this problem to emerge

Step = 4 generate three separate and fully detailed alternative solutions of your own design which could solve the problem identified in step two

Step 5 = choose the one BEST solution from the three you created in step four and describe WHY it’s the best one.

Step 6 = detail the step by step action plan to operationalize that plan.