what is project human resource management, computer science homework help

Thanks for educating us on human resource planning,” says Jerry to you. “We have some great information here, but I think it is too much detail to present to Sam and Gloria.”

“I agree,” says Melissa. “Does anyone have any ideas on how best to present this information?”

We should put together a PowerPoint presentation of 10–15 slides
with title and reference slides,” says Sara. “We should
include speaker notes of about 800–1,200 words, as well.”

The presentation should include the project human resource management information that we shared in our team discussion,” you say.

“Oh, that’s great!” says Jim, “Do you think you can prepare the presentation for the team?”

As you prepare the presentation, your make notes to be ready to respond to any questions that may come up from Sam or Gloria relating to delegation, resource allocation, level of authority, dependencies, and deadlines.

Slides should include:

– what is project human resource management

– what is delegation

– what is resource allocation

– what is define as the level of authority

– what are deadlines

– what are dependencies

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