What’s the Harm


When you submit a forum posting, be sure to use the “CAPCON SYSTEM,” described below

Your forum grades depend on how well you learn and show you’ve learned CONCEPTS introduced in your textbook. To do this you must use the CAPCON system for all assignments. Whenever you are applying a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, type it in ALL CAPS. Also, whenever you apply a TEXTBOOK CONCEPT, don’t just “name drop” it. That is, don’t just state the concept. You have to explain what the concept is and how it applies. Be sure to note the video you are discussing.


I saw the video on an astrologer reading someone’s personality. It was so fake I could tell he was making it up!


VIDEO VIEWED: This is a review of Jon Smith’s video on Astrology. Mr. Smith, the astrologer, claimed to use his client’s horoscope to predict that “something good will happen in the future” and that the client “recently had an accident.” In term of the textbook, the astrologer’s reading use using two tricks: VAGUE READINGS that can be interpreted in any way, and UNIVERSAL FACTS that apply to nearly everyone (nearly everyone has had a recent accident, even a small one.”


Check out the website “What’s the Harm?” among the required readings.

Select a paranormal claim from those on the list.Describe what you think are the most serious potential harms of this claim.Search websites promoting the claim you selected.Which “Path of Closed-Mindedness” is at times displayed by proponents of your claim.200 words.

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