Who Do You Owe?


After reviewing the transcript Ethical Decisions – Who Do You Owe?, place yourself in the role of the FBI special agent who is faced with a dilemma portrayed in the transcript. What should you do? Would you report this trainee to a supervisor? Would you talk to his father about it and hope he would handle it? What if this trainee becomes an agent and continues to engage in future misconduct?

Additional Instructions:

Incorporate the following information Into your paper;

  • Identify the variables that you would consider in determining your approach to the situation.
  • Determine whether you would report an FBI trainee for cheating on a written examination.
  • Predict the possible implications of not reporting the misconduct.

Special Instructions:

The paper should be 3 pages in APA format. Be sure to use 3 sources for references. (Make sure to use in-text citations).