Who Poisoned Karinna Moskalenko? Analysis

I have attached the assignment. You should read the case then answer the question with 2-8 bullet points starting with the strongest evidence to the weakest. You should only use the case as a reference don’t use outside sources. Please see the sample that I attached and follow the same language and format. it should be about 800 word. I attached some information that could help you. The case is ” Who Poisoned Karinna Moskalenko”



The poisoning of Karinna Moskalenko

Information for brief:

Case 1 “Who Poisoned Karinna Moskalenko?” found on Brightspace


Learn by doing structured analysis of information and writing a bottom-line

assessment of what that information tells you. You must employ key assumptions checks and

quality of information checks in preparing your brief. You must convincingly answer the key

intelligence questions using analytic reasoning and evidence.

Key Intelligence Questions:

Who most likely poisoned Karinna Moskalenko? Why? Why does

it matter to the shape of Russian politics?


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