Why are Children’s eyewitness testimony susceptible to error

I need a 7 page paper done discussing children’s eyewitness testimony and why it is susceptible to error. I will need the outline sent to me within 24 hours please.Introduction:  Background/history of the problem/questionThesis:  Theme and sub-pointsStudies used in paper: Give a brief summary of the studies included in this paper: How and why they are important.Subdivisions of Findings:If your thesis must explore, say, two to five areas in order to analyze and support yourhypothesis, then the body of the paper will have as few as two or as many as five major parts.  These sections will present your empirical data, examples, and analysis in detail, and in so doing inductivelyflesh out the research.Findings:  What do the research studies conclude? Does the data validate the thesis?Format:  Double space, 12 font size, Times Roman scrip/font, Length:  Not too short, but not too long. Using everything but the kitchen sink indicates lack of organization and comprehension.Sources:  Primary sources usually: 5 – 7.Expression: Define terminology, use standard English only; use variety in sentence structure and organization.Format of the Research PaperTitle of Your PaperName of Author(s), YearAbstractIntroduction/Statement of the Problem/Significance of the StudyTheoretical BackgroundLiterature ReviewResearch Questions/HypothesesMethodology.  Since you yourself are not conducting the research in this mini-research paper that is primarily a literature review,describe the methodology of the study or studies you are reviewing.Sampling DesignExperimental/Quasi-Experimental/Case StudyLongitudinal, Cross-sectional,Procedure: Interviews, Questionnaires, Case StudiesSecondary Data, and Statistical AnalysisResultsDiscussionImplicationsLimitations of the ResearchReferences