Wk2 Individual: Administration Analysis Detailed Report

  • 700–1,000 words
  • Create a detailed report that will be presented to a local city council, for your city. If you are unable to find local information, select your state capitol.Using statistical data on your state’s crime rates for the most recent year—including mean, median, and mode—create a report to be presented to your local city council containing the following information in a bar or pie chart:
    1. Part I violent crime (4 specific types)
    2. Part I property crime (4 specific types)
    3. Calls for service
    4. Clearance rates
    5. Arrest rates
    6. Number of police officers per population
    7. Gender and racial composition of police department and composition of city as a percentage
    8. Recidivism rate for individuals on probation
    9. Recidivism rate for individuals on parole

    Use the following links for examples and help creating charts:

    • Click here for examples of analytical trends and charts.
    • Click here for examples of evaluation and assessment reports and charts.
    • Click here for help creating charts.

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