Wkly Discussion Questions not Research Paper

1. Analyze the critical paths that individuals may take as they undergo personal behavioral changes through the process of radicalization. Determine three (3) factors that you believe have the greatest effect on an individual’s path to radicalization. Provide a rationale to support your response.

2. Determine the step in the radicalization process described by Marc Sageman in the text in which the individual is most vulnerable to discovery by law enforcement. Examine the significant implications that this vulnerability to discovery of those undergoing the radicalization process has for counter terrorism purposes.

3. Describe several common sources of terrorism funding. Include at least one (1) legal source and one (1) illegal source of funding. Assess the importance of tracking and stopping the sources of terrorism funding. Justify your response.

4.  Define “narcoterrorism” in your own words. Take a position on one of the two main viewpoints concerning narcoterrorism, and provide support for your position.

5. In your own words define the “private security professional” and justify the need for these types of professionals in every day life. In addition, analyze the “public/private interface” and determine what you believe the two (2) largest challenges are in regards to this. Justify your response.