Women and Leadership Project

Find a current event article (not more than 2 years old) that ties back to a topic discussed in this course (WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP) and create a PowerPoint presentation that does the following:Summarizes the current event article (i.e., who is it about? what is the problem/what did they find? why is it important?)Discusses how it relates to a topic discussed in this course and clearly defines key terms (i.e., what concepts can help to explain what is happening?)Uses empirical research to support points made (i.e., has there been research done on this topic that can help to explain portions of the article?)Highlights the implications the article has for society (i.e., based on the article, how will this impact the workplace/society/women/leaders/etc.?)Concludes with ‘next steps’ or recommendations that are grounded in empirical research (i.e., what are some solutions for the problem at hand? what can we learn from this?)Includes a references list as the concluding slide that adheres to APA guidelines and uses citations throughout the presentationThis current event article can be from sites like Forbes, Gallup, EY, The New York Times, SHRM, CBS News, The Washington Post, Business News Daily, etc. Please be sure to include all information for the article you select in the references list so I can check your source. However, the empirical research you cite in your presentation should come from the course’s additional readings, research cited in lectures, or from your own literature search using the FIU Library database system.***PLEASE FIND ATTACHED THE SORUCES FROM THE COURSE SUCH AS THE CHAPTERS AND THE ADDITIONAL READING*******PLEASE FIND A PROJECT EXAMPLE ATTACHED***