workers compensation

In a number of jurisdictions, assaults on a public street, during the lunch hour, by unknown persons, are not compensable unless the employee is doing something (running an errand for work) or wearing something (such as a company badge or clothing) that might connect the employee to the employment (or triggered a particular reaction to the badge or uniform). true or false??

Employees who work for a generous employer who pays for their travel time and part of their travel expenses do not fit within the exceptions to the basic rule on the “coming and going doctrine.”

true or false?? 

The dual purpose doctrine generally applies as an exception to the going and coming rule when an employee who is hurt during a local commute is taking work home with him?

true or false??

Generally, for employees having fixed hours and places of work, injuries occurring on the premises while they are going to and from work before or after working hours or at lunchtime, are compensable. However, If the injury occurs off the premises, it is not compensable.

True or false?? 

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