Workout Class Community Group Assigment

talk about a community you actively chose to join (in other words, not your family). Tell us what the community is, why you wanted to be a part of it, and how you went about connecting with the community, and what you feel you gain from the community. Examples of communities include a campus group, a workout class that you regularly attend, a sports team, a book club, your coworkers, etc. But you can also choose an online community. A celebrity you follow on Instagram is an example, but it must be one whom you actively engage with (i.e., liking or commenting on photos or using certain hashtags relative to them).

Use a source that offers an expert take on how communities form, why they form, how they stay connected, etc. Be sure to credit your source in the post.

What motivates you to engage with them? Have you ever been upset by the community or felt conflicted about being a part of it? Have you left and come back? Has the community motivated you to do other things in your life?