WR39B UCI Introductory Essay

This introductory essay 1) makes an argument about your progress in WR39B so far–especially in the RA essay–and 2) analyzes all of the writing you’ve selected for the portfolio. The essay should include the following:

  • Specific arguments about the advancement of particular writing skills through class participation and engagement, reading and writing homework, paper drafts and the revision process in all its stages, including peer review.
  • Supportive analysis of specific evidence taken from your own writing and the feedback you have received. Evidence will include quotations, screenshots and other images of your writing, and/or hyperlinks.
  • Your responses to the class texts and how these sources informed your own work and ideas.
  • In your introduction, you will include 3-5 artifacts of your own choosing that show important elements of your writing process. Eligible artifacts include in-class writing, critical reading exercises and RIP exercises, essay drafts, and/or other writing or notes relevant to our class. Your selections should offer compelling supporting examples for the points you make in your Portfolio Introduction.

I will send you all my written artifacts to prove my improvement as evidences after you accepted the bid.

PLZZZZZ answer all the question on attachment 3 and 4.