writing an essay


Intro. To Phil. 1103

500-minimum words; 600 maximum.

MLA format – absolutely

This is to be a critical analysis of Richard Swinburne’s “Why God Allows Evil” (p. 163 in your text).

Follow the outline below:

Paragraph 1 – Introduce the writer and the essay. Give a brief summary of the essay and where you are going with yours. Do not give a statement of purpose: “In this essay, I am going to . . .” Give a directional statement.

Paragraph 2: Give the writer’s purpose. What is he trying to do? What is he saying?

Paragraph 3: How does the writer support his claim? What illustrations does he use? Are they appropriate?

Paragraph 4: What is his conclusion? Does he prove his conclusion well? If so, how? If not, why?

Paragraph 5: What is your response to the essay? Do you agree? Why? Disagree? Why?

Except in the conclusion, avoid all personal pronouns. Do not say, “In this essay, we find. . .” Leave off I, we, you, . . . pronouns that “pull the reader in” with you.

It is acceptable in the conclusion to say, “I. . .”

Finally, I will attach the document