Written Assessment: Qualitative Research Plan

Written Assessment: Qualitative Research PlanDescription for this assessment task, you are required to choose a research topic and plan a  qualitative study to address the topic you have chosen.Your assessment must include the following components:1. Background (approximately 500 words): discuss the background for this qualitative study and provided justification for why the research is needed (supported by high quality contemporary literature).2. Research Question (approximately 100 words): state a qualitative research question on the selected topic that clearly identifies the study population and phenomenon of interest.3. Methods (approximately 700 words):4. Describe an appropriate methodology to address the research question for this qualitative study.5. Describe the study population, eligibility criteria, study sample and sampling method for this qualitative study.6. Data Collection: Describe how you will collect data for this qualitative study (supported by high quality contemporary literature).7. Study limitations and rigour (approximately 150 words): discuss the rigour/trustworthiness and limitations for this qualitative study (supported by high quality contemporary literature).8. Ethical Considerations (approximately 150 words): Discuss the ethical implications for this qualitative study including vulnerable populations (such as indigenous peoples) where applicable (supported by high quality contemporary literature and relevant state or national research polices).References: using APA 7th referencing style