Written Assignment

Barclays Bank in the UK

The next step in your project is to write an annotated bibliography and an outline for the Company Analysis paper and submit it below. (The actual paper is not due until Week 10.)

If you need assistance in preparing an annotated bibliography, please refer to the Resources tab in this course.

For this assignment, please do the following:

  • Create an APA formatted annotated bibliography.
    • Your bibliography should include a minimum of 4 credible sources, with one source being the company’s annual report, and 2 from academic journals. Make sure to document all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.
    • Your sources should be different from the sources provided earlier in the project. Refer to the week 10 information listed below for the subject matter to base your sources on.
  • Provide an APA formatted outline.
    • Your outline should map your steps in analyzing the annual report of the company that you have selected.
  • Include an APA formatted title page.

In Week 10, you will be asked to submit a 3-5 page paper that analyzes the quality of the foreign company’s annual report. Obtain the company’s most recent annual report from their website. This project is a critique of the in formativeness of the foreign organization’s annual report. For your week 10 paper, you will need to do the following:

  • You should evaluate the quality of the information provided by the company from the perspective of a potential investor. In other words, you should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the annual report disclosures in terms of whether they provide relevant and reliable information to investors.
  • Include background information of the company, strategies for raising international capital, and analysis of company’s compliance of its home country GAAP.
  • Include a comparison of the foreign country GAAP to U.S GAAP.
  • In your paper, create insight into US standards and reporting rules, values, and biases and compare that to the country you are dealing with on their complex elements.
  • In your paper you should critique and criticize bias regarding issues of reporting standards with your company’s country and the US standards. Also, you may be critical of their country’s rules, values, and biases based on the US standards.
  • Your paper will need to include a minimum of four credible sources. Your sources should support the conclusions you made regarding the organization’s annual report and be cited using APA formatting style.

I have chosen Barclays Bank in the UK as my company/country.

Please do the Annotated Bibliography and Outline for the Analysis Paper. This should map the steps in analyzing the annual report for Barclays Bank in the UK.

Please make this in APA format and include a title page. Of course the Bibliography needs to be in APA format as well.

I have attached a copy of my first bibliography and outline of the accounting standards information portion of my final paper.