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INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Criteria Point Value Question Set #1 – Quality 200 Word Response 10 Question Set #2 – Quality 200 Word Response 10 Question Set #3 – Quality 200 Word Response 10 Question Set #4 – Quality 200 Word Response 10 Textbook Reference / Use of In-Text Citations 10 Total 50 BONUS: Question Set #5 – Quality 200 Word Response +10 ▪ This assignment has five sets of questions (four sets are required, the fifth is a bonus opportunity). Address the selected prompts in each set using multiple paragraphs and complete sentences with a minimum of 200 words EACH. Do not use unnecessary “filler text” – work to have concise, thoughtful explanations. ▪ This is an academic writing exercise.WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT – MODULE ONEPlease review the instruction sheet in Eagle Online BEFORE you begin this assignment.The boxes will expand as you type…1.Chapter 1:Within a culture, sexual norms and behaviors change considerably over time. How have Western sexual norms and behaviors changed? Give some examples of both positive and negative changes. How do you decide if the changes are negative or positive? Are some changes both positive and negative?2.Chapter 2:Sexual scripts tell us how sexual interaction occurs, but what else do they tell us? Imagine a typical sexual encounter. Would this be appropriate with an uncle? Would this be something to do at age five? Would this be acceptable in a classroom while a professor is lecturing? Is it more likely to be done at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m.? How are sexual scripts useful for an individual and for society? How can they be oppressive or restrictive?3.Chapter 3:Purposeful distortion is a problem in research, especially in research on sexuality. Imagine that someone is doing a research project in which they ask respondents how many sexual partners they have had. What do you think is the likelihood that some purposeful distortion might occur? If purposeful distortion does exist, in what direction do you think it will go? Do your answers vary based on the gender, race, class, or age of the respondent or the interviewer? How?4.Chapter 4:Clitoridectomy and infibulation are practiced widely today. Scientific evidence indicates that these practices can cause serious negative health consequences for women and girls. Some argue that people throughout the world should work to eradicate this practice, perhaps with the help of an organization such as the World Health Organization. Others argue that these practices are deeply rooted in the cultures of these countries and that outsiders have no right to judge them, much less try to stop them. What do you think? Why?5.Chapter 5:How does puberty affect the body weight of young girls? What is the typical pattern of weight gain at puberty? What is the typical response of a young girl in this situation? What are the consequences of the societal emphasis on thinness for girls and the normal pattern of weight gain with puberty? Does this affect boys at all? What sort of weight gain patterns can they expect to go through? What other sort of changes might they experience with discomfort?