written assignment business article

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Step 1:

  • Select a news or magazine article relating to Chapters in the textbook Business author Pride w, Hughes R, and Kapoor J 12th Edition (i.e. The Management Process, Creating the Organization, Producing Quality Goods and Services, etc).
  • Describe the article in your own words
  • List the implications, what’s important about the article, future implications, provide references (where is the article taken from), etc.

Step 2:

  • To identify material as it relates to the textbook, you need to be specific.
  • For example you could begin your paragraph stating that it pertains to chapter (state the chapter number) on Human Resources, section on Forecasting Human Resources Supply.
  • Please do not generalize by saying it pertains to the “Chapter on Human Resources”, again, be specific, after all Human Resources is a large chapter.
  • 2 to 3 pages