you are going to develop a customer support system in ABC company, communications homework help

Read the following case and analyze the situation:

Assume that you are going to develop a customer support system to support customers in three critical information collection sources: marketing, sales, and customer support. The overall goal is to make the necessary information available to customers to achieve business objectives. The system must help enterprise to enable its marketing departments to recognize and target their best customers, accomplish marketing campaigns, and generate quality leads for the sales team.

It MUST include the following:

1 Executive summary ( Problem Definition /scope/project benefits )

2 Technical requirements

3 Project schedule (show predecessors and duration of activities include Gantt chart & Network Analysis Diagram- using MS Project)

4 Risk assessment plan (minimum six with three technical risks).

5 Costing Plan/Estimation plan (should include all types of overheads)

6 Resource Plan (include manpower requirements)

7 Project monitoring and controlling strategy

8 Acceptance plan (this should include the criteria which will be used by the management to check project completion and implementation)