Apple is a huge American company with cash reserves, management homework help

Apple is a huge American company with cash reserves larger than those of the US Federal Government. From a strategy perspective, Apple products are differentiated. They are usually higher priced. Apple users will tell you that they specifically chose a Mac, or an iPhone, or anything else.

Apple products are renowned globally for quality and innovative design. The iPhone is holding strong even though Samsung has gained market share with their Galaxy smartphones and aggressive marketing. The Queen of England has been asking for an iPad. I hope she got it before her diamond jubilee next week. Although some components are US-made, the products are all made in China. It would cost a little more to produce in the US and that would cut into the profit margin.

Cash makes Apple a powerhouse in the supply chain. After the tsunami in Japan when production was limited for many items, Apple executives traveled to Japan with millions of USD in cash to ensure supply priority.

Discuss the operational aspects of the above. Should Apple diversify their production base, or move some production to the US?