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Question 1: By reading topic 2, I was able to identify with many of the topics being discussed. The company I work for is concerned with the well-being of employees since that allows for a better job performance so that the medical insurance that provides the alternative of employee assistance programs for the employee and his family, such as marriage counseling, Psychological help. Also in terms of wellness program, last month the company gave each employee a fit bit and established a competition for the number of steps that each employee should have at the end of the week, and more steps than in a week You get a gift card. In addition to providing health insurance with excellent benefits keep the employee motivated to improve their health and performance on the job.

Question 2: Occupational Health Safety Act (OSHA). According to the video, its a division of the United States department of Labor. It was created by congress in 1970. OSHA creates the federal regulations that employers must abide by. OSHA sets the standard for the various protective personnel equipment (PPE). They clearly provide PPE changing to prevent cross contamination. They also ensure the hazardous materials are destroyed properly. OSHA provides specific cleaning steps for each bodily fluid that is mishandled and needs cleaning. OSHA and state regulations require all standards be met when packaging and transporting biohazardous waste. OSHA has a hot line if you ever need to file a complaint as well.

Question 3:What do you think the effects are going to be when the Trump administration wipes out OSHA?

Question 4:Discuss workplace in regards to bringing weapons to work?

Question 5:Please tell us what percentage of people look at porn in the workplace?

Response 6: OSHA, is responsible for protecting worker health and safety in the United States. Congress created OSHA in 1971 following its passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for workers by enforcing workplace laws and standards and also by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. The agency also covers some public sector employers and their workers, usually through state OSHA agencies that regulate public sector employers. However, OSHA does not cover self-employed workers or immediate members of farm families who do not employ nonfamily workers. OSHA creates federal regulations that employers must follow to keep the work place and environment safe.

Question 7: Any business that has 10 or less employees do not have to follow OSHA injury and accident reporting. They also do not have to have inspections by OSHA. Businesses that have more than 10 employees and are low-hazard industries may also be exempt from OSHA inspections. Employees that are self-employed, are an immediate family member that works on a family farm, or are employed by someone for domestic services including cleaning or child care, are not covered by OSHA. I also found it interesting that churches and church sponsored activities do not have to follow OSHA regulations. After reading that, I wondered if this has to do with crossing the boundaries of church and state.