Assignment: Struggles of College Students

1. Write an essay (2 to 2 1/2 pages) about the obstacles that college students face.

2. AFTER you have written the essay, use the article provided in class and incorporate one quote and one paraphrase into your essay from this article.  The quote and paraphrase MUST have an in-text citation.

3. DO NOT use any other sources. I do not want to see quotes or paraphrases from other websites/books.

4. The essay must be typed using MLA format.

5. A works cited page is necessary.

Do NOT use any other outside sources. You are only to use the article provided.

Do not turn in this assignment UNTIL you have looked at the mistakes you made on the works cited assignment and the quoting and paraphrasing assignment. You should not make the same mistakes. Be careful with the placement of periods and quotation marks.

Remember: Your introductory paragraph needs a thesis statement.  Refer to last week’s module and use the works cited template for proper formatting of citations. For the works cited page entry, treat the article as a newspaper article.

IMPORTANT: The essay must be a minimum of 500 words, be double-spaced and follow MLA guidelines. Submit the revised essay early enough to allow time to look at the Turnitin score and to make any revisions needed based on the score received. The score needs to be less than 20%. If it is not, you did not write enough in your own words and used too much from the article provided. I do not accept late work, so do not wait until the last minute to complete your assignment.