Plot analysis Assignment

ENC 1102

The Bosnia List

Plot Analysis


Now that you have learned literary plot & character terms, please analyze the plot in

The Bosnia List


Using the sample plot chart of


, please construct your own plot chart. You may use the



chart as your template.

The following elements are required:

Professional presentation and neatness—every detail matters

Complete Title & Author’s Full Name

Exposition (5 facts in complete sentences)

Conflict (Will

[protagonist’s name]

be able to _____________?)

Rising Action (at least 6 steps in complete sentences)

Climax (complete sentence answer to the conflict)

Falling Action (at least 3 steps in complete sentences)

Resolution (2-3 sentences)

Setting (as specific as possible)

Symbols (at least 4 symbols with explanations)

Themes (at least 2 life lessons with explanations)



List of Major and Minor character with a description of each (and whether round or flat)

The following element is optional:

An image of the book cove