BADM440 Unit 4 IP

1000-1500 wordsThe required information for this Individual Project includes the following:IntroductionBrief overview of your project and what the proposal is going to consist ofPurpose of your research and why it is exciting and worth pursuingPurpose of the StudyOne research questionHypothesis or statement of the problem regarding the research questionYour rationale for selecting your proposed research methodologyMethodologyResearch strategy that you will use to explore the problemMethod for securing the sample populationMethod for delivery of the survey questions, or indicate whether interviews will be conductedExplanation of any biases or ethical considerations and what you will do to limit their impact on your researchConclusionWhy your research project is valuableHow your research is connected to your major goals and your future research interestA time line in chronological order of your research activities from start through completion