Becoming a Best Company

Case Study 1-New HR Strategy Makes Lloyds a “Best Company”Part 1Provide Answers to the questions in your textbook.  Your answers are to be in the form of an APA Style Template. You will be addressing this case study, answering the questions in conjunction with a paper assignment. Do not provide just answers only in your attempt.What skills does Black think employees need to work successfully in the area of HR?What are some of the outcomes of the company’s new HR strategy?What do you think might be some of the challenges of establishing HR policies for a global company?What types of situations do you think might require an HR manager to say “no”?Part 2Find at least three articles beyond the textbook, two of them connected to Grantham University Library, one from another approved  and websites beyond GU Library, (Wikipedia, not accepted) that supports, refutes, and or provide Best Practices or other alternatives related to the topic. This assignment is to be at least 1000 words and does not include the words on the Title page, and Reference page. Assignments less than 1000 words will be graded as not meeting the requirements and will receive a score of 0-50, depending on content.This assignment is to assess the mastery of your ability to critically analyze case studies to promote best practices from the realm of HRM.When doing this assignment, Critique the Case Study and Articles found.Analyze the data and other concepts found.Assess the situation, allow yourself to find solutions to identified problems.Include questions that arise when moving through the case study, finding other answers to solve problems you anticipate to run across.Forecast for other concerns, finding the positive outcome that are beneficial and from an HRM perspective.APA 6th Ed. Format.  No plagiarism. There is a checker.