Business 6600 Memo, 2 pages

You received the message below from your manager.  Respond in memo format.

I understand you are studying about the marketing environment in your master’s studies.  It is really critical that all of us in the firm keep the factors in the marketing environment and their potential impact upon us in mind.  I would like you to write a brief memo explaining their importance that I can circulate among the employees.  Because most of them are unfamiliar with these ideas, please keep your explanation uncomplicated and straightforward.  For illustration purposes, please use two factors that you think will strongly impact our own industry (one in a positive way and one in a negative way) and how our firm could be better positioned to face each of them.

Instructions are provided in the syllabus.  The memo grading rubric is provided under the Syllabus content heading.  NOTE: “your firm” may be any one you desire.  Use headings or separate paragraphs in the memo to properly identify and introduce topics. Sources should be cited at the end of your memo in APA format.


n terms of format, your memos should be created in Microsoft Word.  Make sure your work adheres to the following requirements:

–  Times New Roman Font, 12 point (make sure your header and footer also)

–  8.5” x 11” document size, with 1” margins all around

–  In the Paragraph settings, make sure the box “Don’t add an extra space between paragraphs of the same style” is checked.

–  Single space the entire document, and make sure there are no extra spaces before and after each line (is in the paragraph settings).

Use the Microsoft Word Reference and Citation Manager to handle inserting your in-text citations and “References” page, which should be in APA format.

Memo Template(1).doc