Write 2 and half pages about business strategy game

We had played business strategy game for footwear company the whole semester (our company named Converse). Now we have to write the report.

-Our strategy was best cost provider but we changed that to a low cost and we changed that because none of our competitors were low cost.

– also our 3 year strategic plan was “Converse’s long term strategy is to become the leader in low cost footwear. We would also like to expand production for our private label brand since it has been so popular in the past. We have built factories in Latin America to help with expansion and keep costs low. This strategy is ideal for Converse because the market segment is not saturated and it is a good opportunity. Converse’s long term is goal is to become more consistent in production, sales, and revenues.

The professor instructions for my part of the paper as following:

“The Board Reports should include:

        • Your company’s initial Vision and Strategy statement.

        • A comparison of your emergent strategies with the original intended strategy.”

So please write the 2 pages about those 3 bullets.