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DUE TONITE BEFORE MIDNITE ..ASAP pls..will run it plagirze website before purchase.tnx(at least 250 words fo each post .thanks)EfficacyDiscuss a time when you have been a member of a team that has not performed well.  Why was the team not effective?  What role did the leader play in the team’s inability to perform?  What steps should have been taken to address the issues?EmpowermentOne important skill for leaders to improve team performance is to be able to empower employees. Read the article “Get your Employees to Work ‘like Nobody’s Watching.’”  ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkotter/2014/01/16/get-your-employees-to-work-like-nobodys-watching/ )  In the article, three ideas for encouraging employees were described. As a leader, how would you implement these ideas within your organization?