Econ Homework

The purpose of this exercise is to introduce you to the state of poverty and inequality in a developing country. Select one country—either Nigeria, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Egypt etc. (Eretriais not included because it has a lot of holes in its data points).

Go the following website:…

1. Find out the GNI (ppp), growth rate and population size .

2. Describe the poverty trend in the country if the international poverty line is a. $1.90 per day; b. $3.10 a day ( 3-4 sentences)

3. Describe the poverty trend in the country by the national poverty line (3-4 sentences).

4. How the share of the lowest 40 percent of people has increased or decreased over time? (3-4 sentences)?

5. How has the Gini-index increased or decreased over time (3-4 sentences)?