Guidelines for Comprehensive Case Analysis, management homework help

Team members perform a comprehensive analysis of the case based on the attached guidelines. It requires not only for students to demonstrate their understanding and the application of many of the analytical tools and techniques they have studied and learned in this course, but also their ability to work collaboratively and have mutual accountability toward the completion of the project.

Follow these instructions in preparing your assignment:

a. Title page

b. A table of content

c. Use Footnotes to link your analysis to the materials/concepts in the book. Footnotes must include page numbers.

d. There is no page limit for this assignment.

e. Use proper headings, sub-headings, bullets, etc. liberally for cleaner organization.

f. See the attached file for guidelines in completing this assignment and the assigned case for this semester.

This is a team submission – one per group. Save your work in Word (.doc).