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This is both an individual case and a group case. ***Individual assignment is due here.***

The group assignment will be done in class. (See Davila-Bond Group Case)

  1. What are types of marketing questions should be asked to do a situational analysis for Davila-Bond clothing and sweaters? (Do not include: Production issues, yarn and fabrics.)

Write out 8 questions to key topics such as these:
-Current sales, sales trends?
-Sales by country?
-Distribution by country?
-Target market segments?
-Strengths: brand name, franchise model?
-Opportunities: Potential sales growth potential by country by product?
-Threats: Currency devaluations, corruption?

  1. Write brief answers to 4 of the 8 questions you created.
  2. What is Davila-Bond’s primary competitive advantage?
  3. Start a country selection process to compare Mexico, Argentina and Cuba for next markets for expansion. Choose 5 variables or “indicators” that you could use to compare the countries for Davila-Bond sweaters and clothing. (Reference: Chapter 7) List the names of the variables or “indicators”.

Do not gather any data and do not do any math!

(Do not include: Production issues, yarn and fabrics.)

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