Literature Review about China’s Agricultural Productivity.

Literature Review ABOUT China’s Agricultural Productivty. INSTRUCTIONS: Include reference page – describe the origination of the literature review – organize empirical and theoretical – organize books and articles if have both, organize chronologically, “OLDEST ARTICLES/BOOKS FIRST”. – Citation format: name of author(s) and year of publication. Review of each article, Describe the research question, which is Household Responsibility and Agricultural Productivity, state the formal hypothesis, which is Would a Reduction of Agricultural Productivity Effect the Economy. Describe the data ATTACHED – describe the data, which is the top corps production in China – Describe the model, with the Ordinary Least Square – describe the dependent and independent variables, which are Productivity against Rice, Wheat, and Corn. Describe the common theme between the reviewed articles. MOST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. USE 10 Scholarly Articles