Make a final report of Marketing Research, marketing homework help

Make a final report based on my Survey Result, combine with my Primary Research & Secondary Research-How Samsung Has Succeeded in Android’s World.

Attached myPrimary Research &Secondary Research-How Samsung Has Succeeded in Android’s World

Attached sample of Secondary Research & final report

You don’t need to put the survey inside the report, unless you need the graphs.

You will have 40 HOURS to deliver the best work.Time sensitive, last tutor only wrote 361 wordsand he failed me.

MyFinal Report is to analysis WHY Samsung can be the best in Android’s market.

My secondary research is already finish (attached).

Now you need to focus on my primary research and my survey to ANALYSIS.

Goal is to combine secondary research & primary research to make a final report (Don’t just copy and paste my works. I need you to analysis.)

The source of my survey is from random 30 people on Facebook.

Analysis everything from my previous research and survey. I need a best Final Report.

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any question. Thank you.