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1. Labor supply/demand will become more rigorous (demand for workers will increase, but the labor pool will remain the same or shrink). Labor costs will increase.While the organization must continue to look for non-traditional recruiting sources, it must start planning to replace labor with technology. Motors and More can also consider outsourcing some work, such as maintenance and cleaning or training employees for other positions.Assuming that Motors and More has added second and third shifts and that there is neither space nor employees for further expansion, Motors and More could consider building second facility outside of the area but still within the United States. Remember that even though the president (who is also the owner) is leaving, he still owns the company and influences strategic direction. Given his desire to stay local, you may be able to go outside of the area but not off-shore.As employees in sales leave, Motors and More could expand the customer service department and add sales responsibility. Customer service representatives could sell Motors and More products. This could support existing customers and add telemarketing to new customers and markets. Sales positions could also shift to operations or manufacturing. However, students should be cautioned to analyze the pros and cons of doing this, in part, to determine the effect on the marketing and sales departments.3. Motors and More’s workforce will become more diverse as the company hires more Hispanics, Kurds and persons from alternative workforces.The labor shortage has required Motors and More to hire a more diverse workforce. To stay productive and meet customer needs, the organization must actively manage diversity. Motors and More must ensure that diversity is valued within the organizations and that new employees are trained to have the necessary skills to do their jobs. Motors and More may want to consider ESL training if necessary. In addition, Motors and More may want to consider offering cultural training on the cultures represented in the company and how to manage and value diversity.Management modeling and coaching may also be important. If the work environment is a team-based structure, team training will support productivity. Because of the current lack of diversity among the management team (there is just one female supervisor while all the other managers are men), HR should conduct a job analysis to determine if the difference in title (and most likely pay grade) is justified. If customer service expands to include outbound responsibilities, a job reevaluation would be required. HR will want to increase minority hiring to provide a more balanced workforce and better reflect the local population. The practice of seniority-based promotions should change to the practice of hiring the best, most qualified person for the job. Changing these practices should improve employee relations and reduce the chances of a discrimination lawsuiCreate a 3 year forecast of the preceding 2 questions. About 700 word count. 3 references. Apa.