Mount Rainier National Park Essay

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Paper below:

A Visit to Mount Rainier National Park

My last holiday was my favorite Christmas vacation. Although every Christmas holiday as a family we visit interesting places, for the last three years we have been going to museums, this time was different as we decided to visit Mount Rainier National Park. A memorable experience it was visiting the National Park for the first time. Our journey started on a Friday morning, and at around noon we were already at the park. Generally, by the time we arrived at the park, the environment was as cold as snow, but the trees were swaying from side to side as if they were celebrating the noon. The park from the outside looked beautiful and peaceful.

At the entrance, we were issued a small booklet which contained information about Mount Rainer. From the booklet, I learned that the Park is home to different species of birds depending on the height of the park which one chooses to visit. We chose the lower part of the park which was characterized by western Hemlocks and Douglas-fir. As we made our way through the park, we could see marbled murrelet and the northern spotted owls. They looked amazing and regal.

Afterward, we were assigned a guide who was to guide us on our tour of the park. The Guide assigned to us appeared knowledgeable about the different animals and trees in the Park. The zone which was directed by the guide had amazing features. It was characterized by the Pacific Silver Fir, Western White Pine, the subalpine meadows and the mixed forests. The main types of trees in this zone of the park were the white bark pine, mountain hemlocks, cedar and Alaska yellow. The atmosphere therein was very conducive, and from where we stood, we could only hear sweet melodies from the birds on the trees.

In the course of our tour, we met a park ranger who engaged us in a lively chat on the beautiful trees in the park. We were all surprised to learn from the chat that, the type of birds we saw depended on the types of trees in the zone. This meant that if we visited a different zone of the park, we would have seen different types of trees and birds. This was so surprising ‘’Oh my God!” I wondered, ‘’look at the beautiful birds on the tree”. My reaction was a result of different birds which were jumping from one tree to another singing a very beautiful melody.

We parted ways with the Park ranger and proceeded with the best part of the tour with our guide. Interestingly by the time we’re done with the park tour we were all impressed especially by the indigenous trees in the park, they stood breathtakingly tall. We also had a chance to see the watershed and glaciers which we learned are among the notable natural features in the Park. However, besides the beauty of the natural features in the Park, we were surprised to learn that behind the beauty and peacefulness of the Park is the most dangerous volcano in the US. This marked the end of our Park tour, and since it was already late, we just embarked on our journey back with very sweet memories of the people we met and the views we saw.

In general, the visit to the park gave me a completely different cultural perspective about Parks. I learned that the park has some cultural significance in the community since it contains extensive archeological records which demonstrate many years of human connection to the park. It is also remnant of the flora and fauna which are important to the local community.