Personnel and Organization Policy Unit 5 IP

You work for a large technology firm. Recently the human resources department has provided notice that a vacancy has opened up for the Distruct Manager Position. The notice further provides the means for applying for the position and that the position will be filled Internally rather than looking for an External candidate. Further, the notice provides the deadline as to when candidates who want to be considered should provide the required information.When looking to fill positions, whether a promoion or new hire, employers must make sure that they properly list the qualifications and requirements of the job so that the candidate can provide to the employer how they are qualified for the position.This allows the employer to avoid any issue of possible discrimination or improper actions in the hiring and promoting procedure.Assignment Objective: In framing your response, review leading legislation that employers must adhere to when dealing with promotion and hiring.1.) Identify at least 2 pieces of legislatio specifically dealing with discrimination in promotion and hiring.2.) Provide at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each piece of legislation.I will pay $12.00Gatewood et al., ch. 2 & 14Human Resource Selection by Gatewood, Field, BarrickCengage –¬†Edition 7This must NOT be Plagiarized. It must contain a Running head, Title, Abstract, Introduction, Body pages of 800-1000 Words, Conclusion & at least 2 or more Credible References.