Project Testing And Software Quality Assurance

Automation testing is an important task that will help you reduce the time it takes to execute a test case. In this assignment, you will install a trial version of an automation testing tool and then create automation test cases.
The automation testing process includes the following stages:

  • Select the appropriate tool.
  • Determine the test cases that should be automated.
  • Implement the automated test cases.
  • Record the test script.
  • Save the test script.
  • Execute and analyze the test results.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions and screenshots below to install the tool (Micro Focus, 2018):

  • Step 1: Use the search engine, and search for Unified Functional Testing Trial Version.
  • Step 2: The browser will take you to the Microfocus site.
  • Step 3: Enter all details and click “Free Trial.”
  • Step 4: Go to “All Products,” and click the UFT Download button