Social responsibility discussion

Social responsibility is the recognition that business activities have an impact on society.  Often times, companies that implement social responsibility initiatives bring about positive association for their brands that help them stand out from their competitors. Think of where you work or where you would like to work.  Several of you have shared that you want to open your own business one day.  Share and explain a socially responsible initiative that you could implement at your job.  Be creative, but think about something that is feasible.

Instructions for posting: You must create an original post.  In addition to your post, you must also respond to two of your peers.  Be sure to create a new thread when you post your original response with your name in it. When replying to other posts, please post on their original thread.

When writing your post, be sure to write in complete sentences. You will be graded on the writing itself as well as answering all required areas of the post.  Your response does not have to be a five paragraph essay.  It does need to be thought through and follow proper netiquette.

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