Strayer Violin Concerto by Tchaikovsky Discussion

Week 6 Tchaikovsky and Person of the Week:

Please respond to both of the following, using sources under the Explore heading and the textbook as the basis of your response:

  1. Select one (1) composition by Tchaikovsky that you enjoy. Describe the music and subject matter and explain why you enjoy it and why it is still popular today. Passionate nationalism, like Tchaikovsky’s for Russia, is a feature of Romantic art, music and late 1800’s art. Give an example of modern music (besides national anthems) that is characterized by nationalism.
  2. For week 6 your person of the week choices are between Emerson and Thoreau, American writers and philosophers (Transcendentalism) and Manet, Monet, Morisot, Renoir or Degas, artists who broke new ground in France with their painting techniques. Look at the pictures and information in our text and online and then choose the one person you feel is most important. Give us some details about your person and a picture to support your decision!