The use of models will guarantee the best possible decisions, economics homework help

Question 1 Which of the following is not true about the systems approach?

Question 2 The process of comparing outputs to previously established standards to determine if corrective action is needed is called:

Question 3 A “product package” consists of:

Question 4 Marketing depends on operations for information regarding:

Question 5 Which of the following is not a characteristic of service operations?

Question 6 Which of the following is not a key factor of competitiveness?

Question 7 Suppose a country’s productivity last year was 84. If this country’s productivity growth rate of 5 percent is to be maintained, this means that this year’s productivity will have to be:

Question 8 Value added can be calculated by:

Question 9 An organization’s mission statement serves as the basis for:

Question 10 Which of the following is not among the chief reasons organizations fail?